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International Doctoral Training in Mathematical Sciences in France

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Marie Sklodowska Curie
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Mathematical sciences play a key role in today's economy, but also in shaping the solutions to the many societal and scientific questions we will face in the world of tomorrow. France has a long tradition of excellence in mathematical research and education, covering a wide variety of topics throughout the French territory, with incredible successes. A significant proportion of French mathematicians are located in the Greater Paris Region, which also attracts most international students, despite the excellence of mathematical institutes everywhere in the country. The programme MathPhDInFrance, carried by FSMP (Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris covering most laboratories in downtown Paris) and partners from Greater Paris and everywhere in France, will propose an innovative concept of doctoral training, where each student is co-supervised between the Greater Paris region and another region in France. The 60-month project is split over 2 calls, offering a total of 48 PhD fellowships of 3-years.
MathPhDInFrance will strengthen the international visibility of French Mathematical research while proposing an enriched collaborative experience to the students stimulated by the double environment of co-supervision. It will attract the most promising doctoral students and train them to become a new generation of international mathematicians, creating a network of young innovating doctors. It will lead the laureates to successful careers and teach them how to communicate with society and become “Math Ambassadors”.
MathPhDInFrance offers exceptional working and mentoring conditions, by a state-of-the-art academic training, but also by developing new mechanisms and providing transferable skills and public-private collaborations for introducing doctoral students to the widely increasing number of new emerging careers. Overall, the project will build and shape the French Mathematical community and ensure its integration into Europe and the rest of the world.