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FALCON: Designing tomorrow's aircraft

Project life
June 27, 2024

The FALCON project was awarded as part of the Mission Europe pour la Recherche program. It is funded by the European Commission's Framework Program, as part of Cluster 5: Climate - Energy - Mobility.

FALCON : Foreseeing the next generation of Aircraft: hybrid approach using Lattice-boltzmann, experiments and modelling to optimize fluid/struCture interactiONs

Project start/end date: 01/01/2024 - 31/12/2027.

Coordinator : Julien Favier (AMU-M2P2)


Direct emissions from aviation accounted for 3.8% of total CO² emissions and 13.9% of emissions from transport in the European Union (EU) in 2017, making aviation the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions after road transport. What's more, although noise emissions from individual aircraft have fallen by around 75% over the past 30 years, the increase in air traffic means that many EU citizens are still exposed to high noise levels.

It is therefore necessary to step up research and innovation activities to reduce the impact and emissions of aviation (CO² and non-CO², noise, manufacturing) so that the EU can achieve its policy objectives of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. One of the main ways of reducing CO² emissions is to reduce the structural weight of aircraft fuselages.

The ambition of the FALCON project is to develop a hybrid approach combining cutting-edge numerical and experimental methods to analyze fluid-structure interaction, better predict and control unsteady aerodynamic loads, thereby improving the aero-elastic properties and durability of aerostructures, and reducing the associated aerodynamic noise. This will help enhance the current design capabilities of the European aerospace industry, while strengthening the digital transformation of the European supply chain.

The project will advance the industrial leadership of the aeronautics industry in Europe, aligning project results with noise and fuel reductions, as well as improvements in the sustainability of global air transport.

To find out more about FALCON, visit the project website: https: //


This project is funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 101138305.


Contact coordinator :

Julien Favier (AMU-M2P2)

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